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Multi-sport in Las Vegas to cubing worldwide

Global Spectrum gives you a bitesize look at a handful of inspiring stories that have recently warmed our hearts… and now, hopefully yours too.

With July turning into August, we have got our third instalment of the #spautism Global Spectrum series, collating just some of the many stories that caught our eye over the last month from across the world.

To the Max

At the start of July, Netflix unveiled a new 40-minute documentary that follows Max Park and Feliks Zemdegs – two of the fastest Rubik’s cube solvers in the world. The Speed Cubers reveals how Feliks made it to the top, and how Max not only quickly followed suit, but how he and his family used the Rubik’s cube to help him tackle the world with autism. Together, Max and Feliks have dominated the world for a decade, and through their rivalry, formed the most powerful of friendships.


If bowling is your thing, this story will be right up your alley! On the other side of the world, Singapore Bowling Federation vice-president Valeri Teo led a 20 Strike Challenge to raise money for the country’s Autism Resource Centre. The event generated over $40,000 as Singapore’s best coaches and bowlers took on the challenge, with two former national competitors also helping to stage the event. The challenge involved bowling 20 strikes in as many minutes, and attempts were shared on social media.

For the full story, click here.

Back and better than ever

As a safe place for autistic children to interact and develop, Sport-Social’s return following months of closure from COVID-19 is wonderful news. The US-based organisation uses sport, art, and music as platforms for learning and growth, and moved into a new and much larger facility while coming out of lockdown. Strict safety protocols have been put in place, with children gently taught to wear masks – but nothing could hide their smiles.

Love the Moment

Wilson Sporting Goods, one of the world’s leading sports manufacturers, has teamed up with Autism Speaks to create a line of baseball gear designed to raise awareness of autism and spread the message of inclusion. The bats and gloves include the blue colour of Autism Speaks, with the organisations pulling together to name the collection ‘Love the Moment’ – a fitting name for a worthy initiative.

To see the designs, click here.

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