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Baseball in Newnan to bowling in Macau

Global Spectrum gives you a bite-sized look at a handful of inspiring stories that have recently warmed our hearts… and now, hopefully yours too.

With the first month of 2021 now behind us, we are taking the chance to reflect on some of the stories that caught our eye from across the world in January.

Cricket community

Written by a teenager who has autism, this article reveals his love for cricket and how the sport has developed his mental strength in addition to social skills and a sense of community. Having not enjoyed sports up to the age of eight, cricket has also helped the youngster connect with his loved ones in Pakistan having been born into a passionate cricketing family. The sport has also opened the door to other participation opportunities in football, badminton, and hockey.

Championing autism

Amal Salem Almalood from Bahrain recently won two gold medals in a national rowing competition and dedicated the victories to her autistic 21-year-old son Khalid, who is the inspiration behind her success. Almalood competes as part of Bahrain’s national rowing team and uses her status to be a role model for women in her country, while spreading awareness of autism.

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Miles apart but close at heart

Josh Cohen is a Special Olympics Office Assistant and has autism. He previously competed in softball and basketball and recently interviewed an autistic athlete from Macau, named Ken, who takes part in bowling and athletics. They found plenty of common ground in their shared passion for walking and films, as well as interesting contrasts through living on opposite sides of the Pacific Ocean.

Baseball fever

The Men’s Senior Baseball League is the top division for amateur baseball in the US and recently posted an article on the benefits the sport can provide neurodiverse people physically, mentally, and socially – starting from just a simple game of catch.

Meanwhile, Alternative Baseball continues to make headlines as the sport spreads around the States. Although the COVID-19 pandemic forced last summer’s season to be cancelled, many teams such as the Newnan Braves are looking to recruit more players and volunteers for the upcoming campaign, aiming to expand Alternative Baseball’s impact in the neurodiverse community.

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