Vote for Spautism in the Tesco Community Grants scheme

Spautism has successfully applied for the Tesco Community Grants scheme in Northampton, which is taking place from now until the end of March.

The scheme puts forward three community initiatives to a public vote; the initiative with the most votes will receive the most funding. By voting for Spautism you will be helping to support people with autism through sport and reduce loneliness.

Voting is taking place in six Tesco stores in Northampton from the first week of January 2022 to 31st March 2022.

Where to vote

Duston Alsace Park Express, NN5 6YR
Limehurst Square Duston Express, NN5 6LQ
Spinney Hill Northampton Express, NN3 6ND
Weston Favell Extra, NN3 8JZ
Northampton Link Road Express, NN2 8EQ
Kingsley Park Express, NN2 7HJ

Please click here if you would like to find these stores through the Tesco website.

How to vote

Enter one of the above Tesco stores and make a purchase of any value. At one of the checkout areas, please take a blue token from a small box which will be positioned nearby or ask for one from a member of staff.

Then as you leave the store, please drop your token in the Community Grants token collector under the Sport and Autism UK (CIC) column.

Watch the video below for a quick visual guide on how to vote:

When visiting a Tesco store

Tesco stores tend to be busiest at the weekend and between 4pm and 8pm on a weekday with people shopping after work hours, while the quietest periods tend to be after 8pm on weekdays. However, this may vary depending on the day of visit and the size of the store.

Most of the noise in Tesco stores comes from people talking and moving; however you may also hear operational sounds such as air conditioning whirring, moving of items and trolleys, the bleep of the checkout, and music from the sound system.

As of December 2021, it is mandatory that all members of the public wear face masks in shops, unless exempt.

Not in Northampton?

If you aren’t in Northampton but want to help promote Spautism projects, let us know by messaging us on social media or emailing [email protected].

We really appreciate your support. Thank you.