Employment in Philadelphia to tennis in Margate City

Employment at the Eagles

NFL team Philadelphia Eagles are introducing a new popcorn concession stand that will employ neurodiverse people to sell popcorn at their home stadium on matchdays.

Autism and basketball

NBA player Tony Snell recently found out he has autism, highlighting that there is no limit on what autistic people can achieve.

Venice Marathon

Aeilish O’Hanlon from Cork, Ireland, is preparing to run the Venice Marathon in October barefoot to raise awareness and funds for autism and neurodiversity causes.

Karate for a Kause

Karate for a Kause was a karate tournament staged in Pennsylvania in August to raise funds for Parenting Autism United.

Autism and cricket

This article looks at a recent publication in the famous cricketing magazine, Wisden Almanac, about the positive relationship between the sport and autism.

ACEing Autism expanding

Tennis initiative ACEing Autism runs tennis sessions for autistic people to help them flourish, stay fit, and develop social skills, and is expanding its programme to Margate City, New Jersey.


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